Rivers Run Dry - A Song Of Innocence And Experience

from by Solidarity for Social Center Adelante

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Every newborn is exposed to a certain culture the very moment they see the artificial light of the hospitals’ labor room. The food we are fed with, the tales we are told as a child determine how we would see the world in the future. And when something is so deeply rooted in our consciousness we tend to think that’s the natural way things are or should be. We believe in democracy and its leaders, in a god and its’ representatives, we accept existing social structures and the aims laid ahead of us. For most of us these things do not bring ease to our life, however there have always been people (church, landlords, industrialists, politicians, bankers to name a few) who profited from others’ total obedience to these ideologies. We should learn from the past, from the so-called ’primitive’cultures and societies that are based on equality and harmony with nature. To criticize dreamers, activists or people who still believe things might be changed is a way to defend your exploiters. Complaining is senseless once you’ve surrendered. Fight by any means you can!


Long is the road leading from hell to heaven
shall we change the train on our way
or shall we keep heading
to that same destination?
oh, I got serious doubts if there's anything there at all

from the moment we articulate our very first cry
we're exposed to the virus called modern culture
we, so innocent, and the attack so aggressive
infected, invaded, tortured, doomed

with the mother's milk we sucked this culture into ourselves
we've been cradled to sleep,dreaming the takers' dream
we're told to reach to and stay at the top of the pyramid
we buy the things from them
and we produce things they can sell,
and we are raised to depend on them
we are them
(are we the damned?)

the landscape is barren.. (we're crossing) a wasteland
what have we left behind ? does anyone remember?
in these few box-cars why are we crammed?
(we are) running out of coal, still full speed ahead


from Stand united, until oppression dies!, released September 25, 2013




Solidarity for Social Center Adelante Sofia, Bulgaria

Social Center ¡Adelante! is a free autonomous, self-managed, non-hierarchical and non-commercial space in the centre of Sofia (Bulgaria's capital and its largest city) founded in 2010 by a collective of activists committed to social change and creating sustainable alternatives to the capitalist system and hierarchical ways of organization. ... more

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